April 2022                                                    

Boys Summer Tennis Letter

Soon our team will embark on the 2022-2023 season and another quest for the state championship.  The coaches and I look forward to a great season, and coming together as a team, a school, and a community after all of this last year’s adversity and uncertainty.  I hope we will all have the chance to realize your own potentials as tennis players, and people,  and contribute to the outstanding tradition of Cherry Creek tennis. We will be offering our Summer Competitive Camp series beginning the first week of June, on Wednesday, June 2. You may visit the following  website, milehighsportscamps.com for information, dates and times.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL PLAYERS WISHING TO COMPETE IN CLUSTERS ATTEND THE SUMMER AND PRE-SEASON CAMPS TO MEET PLAYERS, COACHES, AND SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT!

On August 5th we will have an organizational players’ meeting at 4:00pm in Shillinglaw Lecture Hall. All players must attend this meeting to receive vital information about the upcoming season. CHALLENGE SEASON/TRYOUTS WILL BEGIN THE WEEK BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY, AUGUST 8. CLUSTER MATCHES WILL BE PLAYED TWICE A DAY, Monday-Friday, at 9AM AND 3PM AT CCHS, WEST MS, AND ROSAMOND PARK. All Ladder challenge matches will be played at a time, and place, agreed upon by mutual player agreement. ALL  PLAYERS WILL NEED TO BE AVAILABLE FOR PLAY, CLUSTERS AND CHALLENGE MATCHES INCLUDED, ON THIS DATE.

 Once school begins, Cluster match times will be afterschool at pre-determined Cluster sites, CCHS, WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL AND ROSAMOND PARK. Approximately the top 40 from last year’s ladder and invited players will participate in cluster play at CCHS, West Middle School and Rosamond Park. IF YOU ARE RANKED HIGH ENOUGH TO BE IN CLUSTERS, OR ARE PLACED THERE, AND DO NOT WISH TO COMPETE FOR A VARSITY SPOT, PLEASE NOTIFY COACH QUINN. Each day, every ladder player below Clusters will have a minimum of one assigned challenge match to play as well, at an agreed upon time and site.  If possible, players are encouraged to play more than one match per day. School courts are used for Varsity 1, Varsity 2, and Varsity 3 tryouts/practice, and varsity and non-varsity matches. Challenge matches will, most likely, need to be played at another location. 

The athletic online registration for 2022-2023 sports will be available in July on the Cherry Creek High School web site – click on the Athletics tab on the top right. This will take you to the Athletics website!  Or you can go directly to:  https://cherrycreekhs.rschoolteams.com/  Choose Athletics Registration, and follow the instructions.

Athletic fees, current physical, online registration, and a Big Teams account (previously Planet HS) are all required prior to being cleared to practice/try out.  Detailed instructions are on the Athletics website.  If you do not have your registration completed before the end of the business day, after the All-Player meeting, on August 5,  you will not be on the 1st day of the ladder or be able to participate in cluster or challenge matches, until your player registration is completed.  Please take care of this early!

It is our expectation that you will play at least one challenge match per day starting August 8th, which will be assigned on the computer ladder, at creektennis.com, and arranged by you and your opponent.  A computer code will be provided to all players, on the creektennis website, before challenge season begins August 8th.  These matches will improve your game and, potentially, your ranking on the team, and they will help the coaches determine who will play in interscholastic matches.  We will be assigning 2 matches daily for players assigned to the singles clusters starting on August 8th.  Doubles Clusters will be assigned one full round, CONSISTING OF 8 GAMES PLAYED WITH EACH PLAYER IN YOUR CLUSTER, 24 GAMES TOTAL, with matches at 9am and 3pm. The varsity teams will hopefully be determined by late August. IT IS A LIKELIHOOD THAT  POSITIONS ON THE VARSITY  TEAMS  WILL NOT BE DETERMINED ENTIRELY BY CHALLENGE MATCHES, LEAVING ROOM FOR CHANGES THROUGHOUT THE SEASON, DETERMINED BY MATCH PLAY AND THE COACHES’ DISCRETION. THIS WILL BE IN EFFECT FOR THE VARSITY 1 LINE-UP. ONCE AGAIN, THE COACHING STAFF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES TO THE VARSITY LINE UPS AT ANYTIME THROUGHOUT THE SEASON.

There will be a  parents meeting at SCHILLINGLAW LECTURE HALL in West Lobby next to West Café  at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 16th to explain our program, and to give Cherry Creek High School the opportunity to welcome your parents and explain the academic and behavioral expectations for our athletes.  The Creek Court Club, our parent’s booster organization, will be soliciting parents help and also selling and taking orders for team clothing, one of the team’s fund-raising activities.  We need your parents’ support and ideas.  Don’t let them miss this meeting; it is very informative for all parents.  On Saturday August  20th, we will have our annual pre-season social event at the CCHS courts.   

Finally, please be advised that this year, like every year, serious and worthy champions await us.  Be assured that the coaches, players, and supporters of CCHS tennis will work their hardest to maintain the proud tradition of this program.   Please check our team website https://creekboystennis.com for the clinics being run by our coaches throughout the summer, before the season begins.

  Art Quinn,  Head Tennis Coach Cherry Creek High School-720-298-8195-mightyquinnaq@yahoo.com