Dear Cherry Creek Players and Parents,

I have been coaching tennis for over 25 years and in that time have learned the value of doing the “extra” things that in close matches
will be the difference between a close match and a win. One area of the game that we all know is a huge factor is the mental side. I can’t tell you how many matches I have seen won where on paper the singles player or doubles team appeared weaker but found a way to win. I would like to provide our team the opportunity to work on their mental game in a structured way throughout the season in an effort to improve this crucial part of the game.

Worthy to Win Mental Training is a process that helps players create a mental game plan in order to be stronger during match play. Having personally gone through their 8-step mental training course I would like to provide our players the chance to go through the course during the season at a discounted rate. The course helps players build a strong mental foundation and explains 8 common mental mistakes and how to overcome each one. My plan is simple, each player will go and listen to the training for that week on their own time and then we will discuss key points at practice. This way there is follow up to the concepts you will be learning and we will apply them to things we are working on in practice.

The cost of the training is $199 per player (the retail cost is $297). Players will be able to access the course for 6 months as often as they would like through an assigned user name and password. The course can be accessed on a smart-phone or computer. Each training allows players to log in information after listening to the course and in the end a personalized mental game plan is created.

Worthy to Win works with junior, collegiate and professional players all over the world and has been in the business of helping develop the minds of competitive players for over 20 years. I have confidence that as we dig deeper into improving our games positive changes will occur within the individual players and the team as a whole. For more information click on this link below or you can go to the website at Here is the link:

To sign up for the course just send me an email or text saying you want to do the course and then you will be sent a secure payment link in order to receive the discount. If you attempt to order the course on the Worthy to Win website you will be charged the retail amount of $297 so please do not do that unless you would like to pay the extra fee for an additional six months.

Art Quinn

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Worthy to Win
Eight-Step Mental Training Course

Course Explanation


The purpose of this mental training course is to create a Worthy to Win Mindset within each participant who commits to applying each session to themself. This means a mindset that feels deserving of success individually and as a team member.
Each participant must be willing to focus on the right thoughts and actions in order to break ineffective mental habits that sabotage performance results.

The Obstacle: Each of the eight training sessions presents a mental mistake that needs to be corrected. The mistakes otherwise known as dilemmas are as follows:


Session One: The mental mistake of not understanding your mental style and knowing how to use that style consistently under pressure. Each mental style has strengths and weaknesses and it is crucial that each performer understands how to use their unique mental strengths during competition.

Session Two: The mental mistake of not being able to consistently focus on a clear, defined game plan that suites your game style.
Performers need to be problem solvers in each competitive situation and have the right mental awareness in order to do that.

Session Three: The mental mistake of not having a clear view of your potential and how to create momentum in performances and in your career as a whole. An important aspect of gaining momentum is to know how to confront the fear and doubt that you encounter.

Session Four: The mental mistake of not understanding how performance pressure works and being blind-sided or surprised by pressure while performing. The ultimate problem is not knowing how to manage ÒStartle ResponsesÓ that occur during performance situations and creates the wrong internal self-talk.

Session Five: The mental mistake of not knowing how to clearly focus during competition. The dilemma is that the answers needed will
not be found as performers frantically search for them. This frantic state of mind causes the performers to take Òscared actionÓ and leads to forced attempts that will inevitably fail causing confusion and mental frustration.

Session Six: The mental mistake of not allowing oneself to trust at a core level during the ups and downs of competition. Without trust even the most skilled performers will fail to have the consistent wins they know they are capable of having.

Session Seven: The mental mistake of performing to prove oneself is a stumbling block that keeps performers in a desperate mindset that creates high levels of stress under pressure. Learning how to mentally handle wins and losses is a key mental skill that is focused on in this session.

Session Eight: The mental mistake of not knowing how to mentally prepare for competition is discussed in this session. How often have you wanted to perform to your very best on the day of the big performance and come up short? The dilemma of not performing to your potential is at the heart of why confidence and momentum is lost within performers.

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